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"Let me just mention what a great program this is and what a great job you are doing.I'm very excited to see future versions, especially one that fully supports Unicode"

- David P., Asst. Prof., Waltham, MA

Sometimes an electronic index card isn't enough. You need something you can manipulate with your hands or physically submit. You want your notes on handy 3x5 or 4x6 index cards. ndxCards allows you to print the information you have stored on your electronic note cards. The printed cards are useful when you need to make a presentation or speech or give a sermon, or even for studying as flash cards.

It is very easy to print your notes on index cards. If your printer supports printing on a card, you can print directly on it. Make sure that you have set the paper selection in the printer to be the index card, or if you are specifying custom size, ensure that the card size and the setting for the printer are the same. The software also comes with layout information to print on pre-perforated card stock such as the Avery 8388 or 8389. Just select from the notes list those notes that you want to print, select the appropriate paper and print. ndxCards is better suited to do this than generic word processing programs.

ndxCards supports printing custom size cards on standard card stock. For instance, if you are printing flash cards for your entire class, this will be more economical compared to using pre-perforated card stock. All you need to do is specify how many cards you want on one paper and how the cards should be laid out as shown in the picture here and print. You can even save these custom templates and use them whenever you want to print index cards.

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